91st Alumni Weekend

Monday, October 16, 2017

Saturday September 23rd started the 91st annual Alumni Weekend. The weekend was filled with many activities for alumni participants. Randy McKain’s Youth Ministry class organized activities for alumni and families. Some participated in an early-bird campfire breakfast; others chose to hit the snooze button for a bit longer. Later in the day, alumni gathered for choir practice with Mr. Kenneth Wold. During Mr. Wold’s teaching years, students who came late to practice had to leave 25 cents in Mr. Wold’s tardy jar. Hopefully Mr. Wold has been able to retire that jar by now!

Oak Hills Christian college campus has seen a huge transformation from last year to this year’s Alumni Weekend. Tours were held for those who haven’t see the transformation. CIM-Mokahum, and Camp Oak Hills have had some changes too and tours were provided for those two ministries as well.

The alumni banquet was held on Saturday evening. The Alumnus of the Year Award went to Marlin Bjornrud. Marlin has served in only 2 churches. 6 years in White Oak Bible Chapel in Akeley and 37 years in the Evangelical Free Church of Embarrass. Marlin is an amazing Alumnus who believes in long term ministry. Marlin has been extremely effective at reflecting God’s truth over the years in his ministry. The main speaker of the alumni banquet was Lesley (Simmons) Larson an alumna from 2003. Lesley has had an amazing, but tear-jerking journey with Christ thus far. Lesley was born with cleft lip and palette. She has experienced many surgeries and medical procedures over the course of her life. Lesley had a very pivotal moment with a friend on Oak Hills campus about her cleft lip and palate. After that moment Lesley understand more about her birth flaw. Unbeknownst to Lesley, the Lord was preparing her for what was to come next. Lesley and her husband Samuel were going to be adopting a little girl who had many different health matters. Lesley and Samuel knew they were being called to this little girl because Samuel had a very vivid dream about adopting this little girl in a pink dress. Lesley had a friend who happened to show her a picture of their future little girl and then Lesley showed it to Samuel. After much prayer, medical procedures, and stress; Samuel and Lesley now feel like they have started to get back their regular family routine.

Sunday September 24 began a morning of worship for the final day of Alumni Weekend. The worship service was filled with prayer, singing, praising and messages from alumni and current students. The alumni choir sand several hymnals. Testimonies were given by alumna Naomi Lowther and current student Mark Sina. Prayer for alumni was given by current student Faith Deppa and alumnus Richard Trinity prayed for current students. Alumnus Bruce Van Wyk provided a message of his many years on the mission field. All those years have impacted his life decisions. President Dr. Martin Giese ended the long enjoyable weekend with a benediction. Alumni said their heartfelt goodbyes to their friends and made plans to see each other next year.




Written by: Kristine Bommersbach