Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Compiled by Becca Schultz, Applied Psychology Student

10. New Intercollegiate Athletics Opportunities

Oak Hills has a growing athletic program. We currently have a women's volleyball and a men's basketball team. We will be adding a women's basketball team and a men’s soccer team by 2015. We also have a variety of intramural sports like flag football, floor hockey and cross country skiing. Intercollegiate athletic teams at a small Christian college can be hard to come by, but Oak Hills feels it is important to have this opportunity available for students.

9. Community Outreach
Outreach is a required credit for students that takes us off campus once a week to volunteer at an organization of our choice. We are a community that wants to practice what we preach. At our outreach-- whether it’s working with a youth group, or bagging canned goods at the food shelf-- it allows us to be a part of the community in a deeper way. We can invest in others outside our campus, and perhaps get our foot in the door for future jobs or internships.

8. Nestled in Nature
Oak Hills is our own little chunk of paradise. We are out in the woods with trails and trees galore. We even have our own beach that was created just for us on secluded Lake Marquette! Many people say Oak Hills has a camp atmosphere, but is also five minutes away from town, so you don’t feel too isolated.

7. On-Campus Job Opportunities
At Oak Hills almost half of our student population has an on-campus job. The jobs here can either help you pay off your loans, or provide extra cash throughout the month. Many student workers enjoy being able to work at a place so close to home and not having to drive anywhere for work.

6. Surrounded by Believers
When surrounded by believers, it gives us the unique opportunity to feed into each others’ lives on a more personal level. If you ever struggle with anything, there are so many sound people to go and seek counsel from. I think this sets Oak Hills apart from many other colleges.

5. Held to a Higher Standard
At Oak Hills students and staff are held to a higher standard. Whether it’s in the classroom or out in the community, we are given the opportunity to be examples of God's love and to speak truth out into the world.

4. Christian View in a Modern Classroom
When going off to college, many students find themselves thrown into a classroom that doesn’t quite agree with their beliefs. That is okay, and we will come across that in many situations throughout our lives. But for some it is nice to be able to sit in a classroom and have the professor talk about what we are passionate about, and believe in.

3. Ring by Spring
A large percentage of Oak Hills students end up meeting their spouses here, which is how we developed our unofficial motto, “Ring by Spring.” Oak Hills is full of single students who are ready to fork up a ring by spring. If you are feeling lonely, a ring may be just around the corner here at Oak Hills!

2. Oak Hills is a Place of Second Chances.
Oak Hills can be a new beginning for many people. It can be a place to get away from life for a little while, and surround yourself with fellow believers who build you up and invest in each other wholeheartedly.

1. Close-Knit Community
Oak Hills is a Christian based community where the relationships you gain last a lifetime. We believe in a “personal on purpose” attitude which is evident in the relationship between students and faculty which goes beyond the classroom. Professors let you into their lives and invest in yours, as they help you grow spiritually, personally and academically.