The Oak Hills Christian College Athletic Department is pleased to announce the startup of a collegiate trapshooting team that will begin its inaugural season during the Fall of 2018. The team will begin as a club team for the 2018-19 season with hopes to launch it as a varsity sport in the Fall of 2019. “We are excited to be launching this program now because shooting sports in Minnesota are exploding. I think this will allow us to recruit excellent students who not only want a Christian education but would also like to shoot in college” Athletic Director Jeremy Anderson states. “We will be looking to the community for support of this effort. The creation of this team adds significant cost to our athletic budget but we feel with the community support that we already receive and the additional support from like-minded businesses we will recover a portion of those costs. As with most club teams, the participants will be covering a portion of those costs as well.”

If you are interested in participating on this team please fill out the recruitment form on the athletic page of our website.