oak hills welcomes leesa drury

Oak Hills is pleased to announce the hire of Leesa Drury, from Park Rapids, MN, as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Marketing. Leesa will be supporting the growth of the school’s local and regional profile, as well as working to increase prayer support and deepen our financial base.

Telling God’s story at Oak Hills in the information–saturated environment of our culture is a privilege and a challenge which requires an emphasis on what has been historically referred to as Marketing. Inviting partners to join in moving God’s ministry forward through prayer and financial support is what we call Advancement. The two functions go hand in hand and we searched for a leader who was qualified to oversee both.

Leesa comes to Oak Hills with experience in business and education. She received her BS in Merchandising and Marketing from Baylor University and her Masters of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. After working in business for 6 years, Leesa transitioned into education, working with a homeschool organization in Oak Brook, IL writing curriculum and being a consultant to the homeschool families. After marrying her husband Tom and starting a family, Leesa homeschooled her six kids until 2017.

Having attended both a private and public university, Leesa has discovered the privilege it is to include God in higher education and learning. She homeschooled her kids because she believes for real learning to take place, you need the freedom to keep God in the curriculum. When her youngest graduated in 2017, Leesa started praying for God to open a door for her to utilize her experiences.

President Dr. Martin Giese states, “It is not a single quality, but rather the combination of spiritual maturity, giftedness as a communicator, and ability to relate to a wide cross-section of people that we believe makes Leesa the right choice for this role.”

Fun Facts about Leesa
– She enjoys raising layer hens and sells eggs
– She has traveled to 5 countries and all but 2 states
– Her older brother is in the Senate of Missouri, her home state