Resting in god

“Daughter: Resting in God in a Restless World” was the theme for this year’s Women’s Breakaway.  The first camp, back in 1926, labeled as being for “religious, health and home economics training” included mothers and children.  Over the years as the format, leadership and times changed, the goal of deepening a woman’s relationship with God has remained steadfast.

Today, our ladies crave deep truths and strong Scriptural teaching—and our speaker, Rebecca Meidinger, delivered on these two essentials.  Drawing on several New Testament women who met Jesus, Rebecca reminded us that when we have unmet expectations, heavy reputations or crippling condemnation, coming to Jesus, and resting in Him brings freedom. Then we can live as true daughters of God.

Many said they came away with new insights on how to rest in Jesus. They were challenged to remember that He loves us as we are. Perhaps the best summation was someone who said the retreat provided “wonderful scriptural reminders of forever truths.” 

Our Breakaway committee is made up of several wonderful ladies: Linda Berntson, Arlo Johnson, Kathy Conger, Vicki Fiet, Heidi Carpenter and Pat Allen. Anyone interested in finding out more about the weekend, please contact or call 218-751-8670, ext. 1244.  You can also check out our website for videos of this year’s main sessions at

Join us next year ladies, June 17-20, 2020, for great Bible teaching, meaningful fellowship, and a time of “resting” in the hands of our great and wonderful Savior, Jesus.  We look forward to seeing you then.