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Nick and Lisa Friedman

Tell us about yourself.
Nick:  Graduation Year—2016 with a degree in Business Management.  Currently living in Clear Lake MN. I work at a company called Garnet Capital Advisors, where I assist in brokering loans for various companies.  Our family has grown since our time at Oak Hills; we have a wonderful son named Teddy who was born January of 2018. 

Lisa:  Graduation Year—2014 with a 1–year Bible Certificate.  I currently serve part–time at the Becker Community Center as a receptionist.

What brought you to Oak Hills? 
Nick and Lisa: We grew up in a small town where we met in high school, we love the small town lifestyle and community of where we grew up.  Many colleges are in larger areas and do not have the same small–town feel as Oak Hills. We have a strong love for all things outdoors, and thought we would love to live some place where we can enjoy all of our outdoor hobbies.

What is the biggest impact Oak Hills had on you and how has God used your time here to prepare you for where you are now?
Nick:  It is really hard to pinpoint one area where Oak Hills had the biggest impact on me.  There are many things that Oak Hills offered that I am so thankful for. I really appreciated my academic advisor (Dana Schnortz). He really helped me grow and realize what my strengths and weaknesses were.  I felt when I left Oak Hills that I had a well rounded education. During my time at Oak Hills I really learned that I did not need to have a clear plan for the rest of my life, rather it was more important to keep my ears open to where God was calling me. 

Lisa:  While I was at Oak Hills I was only a student for a short time, but felt very welcome as part of the OHCC community.  I was invited to family ministry events and enjoyed taking several free classes and attending chapel. I felt that Oak Hills was a wonderful place for a spouse of a student to be.  The staff at Oak Hills took the time to get to know me despite the fact that I was not a full–time student. It was nice to be a part of an organization that was happy to see me and my husband grow together.

What advice would you give to current prospects or students?
Lisa:  My time at Oak Hills was great and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.  I would just like students to really take in their experience, focus on getting all that Oak Hills as to offer while they are there.  Life can be so busy that sometimes we don’t realize that how important the time we are living is to our future.