Update from OHCC Admissions Team

Which type of student are we seeking?
This spring we had the privilege of graduating students who are dedicated in their walk with God and have shown desire to pursue Him further. Those are the type of students we want here. We want our students to cultivate a desire to engage with the Word of God, to thrive in their studies, and seek ways to integrate their  knowledge into their families and places of work. We also seek students who desire to participate in a Christian Community. We want our community to reflect the identity we have in Christ and to give glory to Him for all things.

How does Admissions recruit students? (Besides alumni referrals..hint hint)
Throughout the school year we focus on traveling to locations that create a natural transition to Oak Hills: discipleship schools, homeschool conferences, youth groups, and Christian schools. We aim to connect, build relationships, and find the students that God has called to Oak Hills.  When summer arrives, we focus on visiting camps, praying for divine appointments with students who are chasing God down in the midst of capture the flag or around a campfire. At music festivals, we hope for conversations with teenagers wearing Newsboys shirts, wanting those lyrics to come alive in their own hearts. We yearn to see these lives cultivated at Oak Hills and see them step into the roles God has prepared for their futures (Ephesians 2:10).

What summer and fall events are ahead?
In the school year when students are back on campus, we look for ways to connect with prospective students on our campus and give them a taste of our community and facilities. We’ve been exploring ways to re-think preview days by adding activities beyond the tour and informational meetings. 

The next preview event we have coming up is our Fall Preview Day! We haven’t nailed down the dates yet, but students who register for the event will be able to sit in on a class, speak with professors and current students, have fun and get a taste of what college life at OHCC is all about. We typically have a good amount  of students attend, and we’d love to see your high schooler! Dates and details will be available soon, so keep an eye out and make sure to register your high school student!