what’s happening at ohcc

Frisbee Golf Course
Each year the staff and faculty at Oak Hills donate money toward a project which benefits the students.  This year we voted to install a disc golf course on our campus. A committee has been researching goals and course designs, with their sights set on installing an 18 hole course as early as this Spring.  The committee’s plan is to set up the course so that students can start and finish at Thompson Hall while enjoying a course with elevation changes, short and long holes, water features, wooded trails, and open fields.  We would like to create a course that takes the beginner into consideration but also provides a challenge for an experienced player.

Cross Country Ski Trails
Oak Hills is undergoing the development of multi-use trails that encompass the whole Oak Hills’ property. The goal is to provide more opportunities for students and guests to be involved in outdoor recreation to promote a healthy life-style and a deeper appreciation for God’s creation. These trails will be designed as walking trails for summer use and groomed cross country ski trails for winter use. Currently, Oak Hills has 2 km of walking trails. A plan has been put in place and work began last fall to add 2 km of additional summer & winter use trails and 4 km of winter use only trails, creating a total of 8 km of trails for cross country skiing.

New Men’s Resident Director
This school year, Oak Hills welcomed Ron Maixner as the Men’s Resident Director. And he brought along three of his children as students! Ron will be mentoring and discipling our students to spiritual and academic success. He wants to help Oak Hills students find a purpose while they are in school and see how their education and spiritual growth weave into that purpose.

Ron comes to Oak Hills with experience in Pastoral Ministry and Missions. He received his BA in Pastoral Ministry and his Masters in Missions. Ron and his wife Monica were missionaries in China for 6 years, where three of their four children were born. He has experience in church planting and, previous to accepting this position, had been pastoring a church in Wyoming for 9 years.

After leaving China, Ron and his family resided in Bemidji for about a year. At that time he felt a call to have an impact on the multicultural demographic of Beltrami county. Fifteen years later, the opportunity came up to move back to the Northwoods through Oak Hills. He comes into his position with a desire to reinvest in this coming generation by building into the lives of students. His favorite part of his job is going on ‘one on ones’ with students and finding out what brought them here.

Intercultural Studies Program
Your call. Your career. Be a disciple. Make disciples.
OHCC looks forward to adding an Intercultural Studies faculty member in the summer. Phil will bring a fresh focus to the Intercultural Studies program of the college.

Both Mimi and I grew up in homes that required constant moving.  She as a military dependent and me in foster care. The result was a lifestyle fit for international ministry.  We carried our love for the Lord Jesus into appointment with WorldVenture (CBFMS at the time) in January 1981. We’ve served in Congo, Rwanda, the WorldVenture staff and Cote d’Ivoire.  While retired from the mission field, we find ourselves still loving international ministry and having a passion for young adults. The tag line for our lives is: “Develop next generation leaders for Church and missions”.  We are thrilled with the opportunity Oak Hills Christian College presents for us to continue our involvement with international ministry.

In Him,

Phil & Mimi Bjorklund

Oak Hills Goes to Israel
A combination of students and community members took a trip to Israel on January 3-13, 2019. Our age range was 18-88!  Though we came from different stages in life, we all had one thing in common: the excitement of experiencing the land of Israel.  We traversed the country from north to south and east to west. Our group took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in the midst of a rain storm. We climbed Mount Carmel and read about Elijah’s showdown with the prophets of Baal.  Those who wanted to be baptized in the Jordan River had the opportunity, and many floated in the Dead Sea. At Qumran, we saw a cave where various Dead Sea Scrolls were found. We experienced a 1st century Passover meal. In Jerusalem, our group had communion at the Garden Tomb and walked on 1st century steps leading up to the temple – steps likely used by Jesus! Pictured is the group at Beth Shean. Group members saw the Bible come alive as they experienced Israel, and will never read God’s Word the same again.  The memories, sites and geography will forever be etched in their minds. It truly is the trip of a lifetime. Oak Hills Christian College leads a trip every other year. Please contact Dr. Gale Struthers if you are interested in going.